• The face of your product
    80% of all purchasing decisions are made at the point of sale.
    We help you to win at the shelf.
  • Simply brilliant
    Bright, vivid colors with high resolution images,
    paired with glamorous metallic elements -
    we convince you and your customers with our decorative techniques.

X-label Group

Synchronised Strategic Business Solutions

Innovative ideas and perfectly networked business processes for first-class packaging solutions. More than 10 billion labels annually: Innovative, cost-effective, JIT, JIS.

Research & Development

We are your partner in new technologies – fast, with a global scale. We are ready and creative to invest in common new technologies to reach new visions.


Digitized, simplified and harmonized client business processes to reach a perfect connected partnership.


Cost leadership for individual packaging solutions. From 1 up to 14 colors digital or conventional.

Supply Chain

From raw material sourcing through to JIT / JIS delivery, worldwide networked

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